Looking stylish while on your bike is a hard job. Making sure that you do not look like a human billboard while stylish, sophisticated and smoothly understated.

That will probably not be me on the 30th July as I cycle around 100 miles through London and Surrey dressed in a suit and on my folding Brompton bicycle but I can try my best to. The suit choice will probably be dark, white shirt and a subtle but elegant tie. I might allow myself a little bit of flair on my socks. Maybe a flower pattern?

I was lucky enough to attend a talk by David Millar last Friday at G!RO Cycles in Esher where he launched his latest Chpt. III cycling clothing range. (https://www.girocycles.com/collections/chpt) He talked about his career and his various business plans going forward. It was clear to see his passion for not just his past career, but for himself, and the sport of cycling going forward. For this very reason, David's passion is what will help make his business a success.

Hopefully some of his style and elegance can rub off in me over the next two months!

It would also be appreciated that any support you can give me will make a real difference in supporting LandAid’s mission to end youth homelessness here in the UK. If I raise £2000, this will be enough to fund the stripping-out of a derelict house, the first step in creating a welcoming home and the provision of a fitted kitchen, where young people can learn to cook.